The Citizen Science Solution Kit (CSSK)

A collection of open source digital tools made available to create and manage crowdsourcing projects for social and environmental challenges.

Crowdsourced data can help tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Open Seventeen participants as well as any other students and citizens can use the tools shared here to develop, test and run their SDG-related crowdsourcing project.


The Kit comprises tools adapted from existing Open Source solutions, that can support a wide range of crowdsourcing projects for the SDGs. There are currently four CSSK tools supported by the Crowd4SDG partners.

  • CSLogger is a customisable phone app for gathering citizen science data.
  • CS Project Builder enables creation of web apps for classifying images, videos and more.
  • Decidim4CS is a platform for public deliberation and collective decision-making.
  • VIsualCit is an AI-enhanced tool for extracting data about specific events from Twitter.


The CS Solution Kit, originally developed by Citizen Cyberlab in Geneva and the Citizen Science Center Zurich with the partial support of the Boninchi Foundation, is developed and maintained by the Crowd4SDG partners. All the tools are open source projects. Contact us if you have questions or suggestions to us for improving and expanding the functionality and scope of the Kit.