How to apply

This year’s theme is all about how artificial intelligence (AI) innovations can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Prior experience with Artificial Intelligence is not necessary. Your mission is to pitch – in a 30sec video OR a written post (150 words or less) – an idea on how we can address one of the following challenges.

  1. Estimating river flows (Challenge from WMO)
  2. Predicting landslides (Challenge from WMO)
  3. Eliminating gender bias (Challenge from ITU)
  4. Reducing food waste (Challenge from ITU)
  5. Tracking sustainability through history (Challenge from UNOG)
  6. Assessing sustainable investments (Challenge from UNCTAD)
  7. Any sustainability issue of your choice (Open Challenge)

For more information about each of these, consult  The Challenges.

You can apply individually or as a team of up to four students. To pitch your idea, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you have not done so already, download the Goodwall App and fill out your Goodwall profile, remembering to  include your University, your field of study, and your expected graduation date.
  2. Prepare a 30s pitch for your idea. In your Goodwall profile click on the “+” icon. Then click on the Idea icon (lightbulb). Record your 30s pitch.
    Describe your idea in less than 150 words through a post on Goodwall by clicking on the “+” icon then clicking the post icon.
    IMPORTANT: Prior knowledge of Artificial Intelligence is not necessary, but your idea should be one you are passionate about and can achieve with a team
  3. Make sure to add the keywords ‘O17 2020’ and the number of the challenge your idea addresses (for example ‘O17 2020 Challenge 3’).
  4. Upload your 30s pitch for your idea. 

The application deadline is 9 March. We’ll get back to you by 16 March to let you know if you’re selected.
Online coaching runs over 5 weeks in March and April, 2hrs per week. Details shared with successful applicants.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria are related to the relevance of the proposed project to the selected challenge, the innovation of the approach, the feasibility of the project via the use of crowdsourcing, and finally criteria of balance for gender, geographical region and subject of study.

Data Privacy

Please review and make sure you agree with Goodwall’s data privacy policy, before uploading personal information. Please note that Goodwall will share data about applicants with University of Geneva, for the purposes of selecting participants for the Open Seventeen Challenge.

Make sure you check the Frequently Asked Questions for more details

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