How it Works

The #Open17 Challenge is an online interactive coaching programme to help young global innovators connect and shape good ideas into viable social innovations projects. The #Open17 Challenge supports projects that enable grassroots innovation and citizen science to tackle the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), using open data and crowdsourcing technologies.


An #Open17 coaching cycle starts with a call for projects to solve concrete challenges inspired by experts from UN agencies, International Organizations and NGOs targeting one or more of the SDGs. #Open17 favors solutions that use Crowdsourcing and Open Data.


The call my have a specific target audience, such as students, or be open to anyone. Applicants submit ideas for projects that tackle the challenge. The most promising applicants and ideas are selected and teams are formed.


The teams receive interactive online mentoring and coaching from international experts and coaches over 5 weekly 2h sessions, to transform their ideas into viable projects. The most promising projects receive further support for their development.

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